Where Do You Start When Renovating A Bathroom? Part 2

Even A Simple Bathroom Renovation Is Effective

Keep the design simple in your bathroom remodel and avoid curves, steps, ornate decorative mouldings and non-essential details or ornamentation. The simpler the design, the more cost-effective it will be to fit out.

Think About Waterproofing The Space

Tile backer boards can be used to line bathroom walls and shower enclosures. They are 100 per cent waterproof when taped and jointed, and act as insulation too (so are a great recommendation when installed below underfloor heating). These will limit the risk of leaks which can be incredibly damaging and costly to repair.

Take The Opportunity To Include Tech

For smart home tech fans, myriad options include waterproof televisions that sit flush within a wall, built-in hi-fi systems, smart lighting controls with preset moods for atmosphere, and automation of blinds and bath fillers. Again, these need planning in at the offset so that wiring can be accounted for.

Use Mirrors To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

When tackling small bathroom renovations be sure to consider large mirrors that can make a small bathroom feel lighter and more spacious – a frameless mirror covering the whole of one wall is very effective. To avoid misting up after showers and baths, fit heated pads behind the mirror (try styles from Warm Up or Decor Planet).

Pick Reputable Tradespeople For Your Bathroom Renovation

Be it plumbers, builders, decorators or electricians, always pick a trusted company like PACE  and do your research on your chosen bathroom renovators. Use recommendations from friends and ask to see previous examples of their work. Avoid trades people who ask for cash – it is illegal for them not to declare their income and if you have no receipt, you have no comeback should things go wrong. Likewise, beware of requests for upfront payments which can imply cash flow problems, or that builders’ merchants won’t give them credit. Any reputable builder will be happy to sign a simple contract with you and a third party to ensure the agreed work is on schedule.

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Mary-Jean Jacobson

Mary-Jean Jacobson

MJ is the Managing Broker & Owner of Pace Realty Corporation.

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