The Great Trim Debate! part 2

Just recently, I was asked how to determine what finish/tone and/or colour to be used for wall trim, chair rails or crown moulding.

Here’s a foolproof, can’t-go-wrong formula: Flat or eggshell finish for walls and semi-gloss for baseboards, window and door casings, doors and moulding. Flat paint doesn’t reflect light and is best for hiding bumps and cracks on the wall, while semi-gloss paint stands up to traffic, is easy to clean and gives millwork dimension and sheen.

Having said that, some older homes have uased an older fancier and possibly a solid wood moulding whose millwork certainly deserves to be recogzized. Yes, there are still some beautifully crafted wood mouldings and trims. It is wonderful to see this craft still alive and well.

Regarding tones and colours, I took a page from, and I suggest going with the following guidelines;

Choose wood if:

It’s already there. Most trim is MDF or the like, so celebrate real wood if you have it!

You want to add an element of warm wood but don’t want wood floors

Your space needs a little extra texture

You love a rustic look or need a masculine counterpoint to feminine details

Choose black if:

You want a dramatic look that’s classic and sophisticated

You want to contrast wood floors or cabinets

Your neutral scheme needs some edge to bring it to life

Your beautiful views demand to be framed like portraits

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Mary-Jean Jacobson

Mary-Jean Jacobson

MJ is the Managing Broker & Owner of Pace Realty Corporation.

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