Strata Management

Full Services

Pace Realty Corporation will provide fully insured Strata Management and Accounting services, which are to include a Licensed Strata Manager, administrative support, accounting support and 24 hour emergency on call services.


Pace communicates with owners, council members, realtors, contractors, etc. We also collect Strata payments by mail or delivery issue receipts when necessary.


We receive written communication from owners for presentation to council and instructions from council. We also email to and from council, suppliers and contractors.


We respond to owner correspondence and calls from recipients, suppliers and contractors as instructed by council. As well as liaise with contractors and providers.


Our contractors provide quotes. We prepare work orders for quotes & discuss details with contractors. We then discuss with council and verify WCB and Liability.

your investment is our top priority

Whether it’s attending meetings, collection of arrears or organizing repairs and maintenance, we take care of everything. 
We have a team of licensed professionals looking after all the major details and a fantastic unlicensed support team that gets all the details done! 

Our clients hire us because we handle it all. We work hard for you and we get results. 
Hire a professional and get the job done right… the first time and every time.


Handling Delinquencies includes sending out Late Notices, Fines, and demand letters. Also, writing two weeks’ notice letters to demand payment prior to lien. Strata Manager then prepares lien documents & forwards to agent for registration, informs lender and owner of lien registration, and sends to Strata Lawyer for collections. We prepare required forms requested by conveyancers, Form B and Form F, enter new owners into system, and Strata Manager maintains files of renters where required.


We prepare all necessary meeting documents including: Agendas, which we then forward in advance to council, Delinquencies Reports, and Financial Reports for council only, for approval. 

We then attend council meetings with Strata Manager: includes recording minutes, preparing instructions from council and following-up, as well as processing minutes and Financial Reports for owners.



Our accounting team prepares monthly bank reconciliation, cheque detail, general ledger, trial balance, operating statements and balance sheet, and make these accessible to owners. They also maintain required files for annual financial review and prepare budgets for entry into financial records. They prepare unit entitlement information for budgeting purposes and assemble monthly EFT transactions.

Financial Services

Accounts payable receives, processes invoices for payment and obtains signatures if required. We enter information into accounting software and mail payments to suppliers.

Accounts receivable maintains postdated cheque files and EFT application forms. We receive strata fees and other payments and record in accounting system. We also prepare bank deposits and deliver to bank, complete EFT transactions, and inform Strata Manager and owners when cheques or EFT are dishonoured. 


Kitimat - Real Estate - Managing Broker

MJ Jacobson

Licensed | Prince George | 250.562.6671 +2104


Senior Licensed | Prince George | 250.562.6671 +2115

Annie Ferguson

Un-Licensed | Prince George | 250.562.6671 +2113

Kimberly Toews

Un-licensed | Prince George | 250.562.6671 +2106

Chase mcquay

Strata Assistant | Prince George | 250.562.6671 +21062110


We maximize revenue and reduce expenses all the while working to help you increase the value of your investment.
We currently have a vast portfolio of diverse strata corporations that range from town houses, to multi-unit developments
and individual properties. We offer a complete spectrum of services to suit each strata corporation’s needs. 

Whether you require full strata management services or accounting-only, we will customize a proposal just for you.