Planting Your Cedar Hedges

It’s very important to know how to plant cedar trees properly. Here are some tips for a successful cedar hedge.

Do It At The Right Time

If possible, plant your cedars as soon as the ground has thawed. You can also wait until the fall. Summer heatwaves could prove fatal for the survival of a young hedge.

Calculate How Many Cedar Trees You’ll Need

Once you’ve determined the location of the hedge, calculate the number of cedars it will take to grow into a good border—you’ll need approx. 30 inches between each cedar.

Dig a Trench

To plant cedars, dig a trench about 30 inches wide by 15 inches deep. The location of your trench is important. Make sure your trench isn’t adjacent to where you’ll be using de-icing salt.

Plant your cedars

When planting the trees, make sure the root balls will be well covered when they’re buried. Water the roots and trench soil liberally. Wait until the soil has absorbed the water before filling in the trench.

Water Frequently

One of the most important things in learning how to plant cedar trees is watering them properly. If it doesn’t rain, you should water your new hedge at least once a week for over an hour or so. Keep the soil moist, but not soaked.

Maintain Your Hedge

To ensure that your hedge survives the winter, stop giving it fertilizer when July comes. Otherwise, most cedars don’t need winter protection. Trim your hedge at least once a year, between mid-June and late September. Trim it back on both sides so it doesn’t expand too much.

For additional guidance on how to plant cedar trees, don’t hesitate to go to a nursery or garden centre; there, you’ll find the people who know better than anyone how to make a great hedge!

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