Make Your Home Smart - Part 1

How Smart Homes Work

Connected via Wi-Fi to a main hub such as Amazon Ec

ho or Google Home, smart homes are a collection of devices that synch to a home’s network. With a tap of your smartphone, you’re able to synch with and remotely access appliances, alarm systems — all at your command. Our smart home starter guide will take you step by step through everything you need to know to set up a smart home. One of the key attractions to smart homes is their scalability — you’re able to add more devices as new appliances make their way into your home. As your budget and your smart home needs evolve, you can bring on new gadgets and build onto your smart home platform. From fine-tuning your home’s heating and cooling needs to receiving updates on expiring food in your refrigerator, this do-it-yourself home automation can revolutionize the way you live at home.

Choose your smart assistant

Before picking up any smart home tech, you’ll need a hub, which is sometimes called a smart home assistant. These devices connect all of your appliances and web-enabled smart systems to the internet. And from there, they’re connected back to you through a mobile device or web browser. Apple’s Home Pod, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home Assistant are examples of hubs. It’s a good idea to create a smart home design plan. When shopping for smart home devices, you’ll need to be sure that each appliance will work with the hub you’ve elected to use. Make a list of all the items you’d like to get connected into your home, and then do a little homework to be sure they’re all compatible with the hub you’ve got in mind.

Design your smart home

Now that you’ve got a handle on the home assistant and you’re sure it will work with your smart home plan, it’s time to explore your design options. One way to build a smart home can be accomplished by making a room-by-room list. Jot down device names and products you want to use there. Another option is to build a list of capabilities or the ways that you want your home to be more efficient and remotely accessible. Then create your accessories and device list.

Many manufacturers are creating products for all hub platforms, but some are only compatible with a single system. Take a look at product reviews and customer feedback as well because not all smart home appliances are created equal.

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