The Beauty of Something You Can’t See; In Floor Radiant Heat Systems

I recently worked with a client whose basement renovation included radiant floor heat. There are two types of radiant floor heating; Electric and water-based systems. Both provide consistent heat throughout any room.  Traditional radiators need to be heated to a high temperature (65-75 degrees Celsius) in order to heat up a room effectively, whereas floor heating only needs to run at a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius or less, depending on the floor finish, in order to warm the room – thereby consuming less energy, and keeping your energy bills far lower.

Compared to forced-air heating systems seen in most homes, an in-floor radiant heat system typically has higher efficiency and better heat retention. This is because the heat is retained in the lower part of the room, unlike in forced-air systems, where the heat rises. As a result, most people are comfortable at a lower temperature using in-floor radiant heat. This can also lead to significant energy savings.

Comfort becomes an obvious reason. You’d be hard pressed to find a homeowner who wouldn’t appreciate the comfort that comes along with heated floors. Heated floors give any room the added boost it needs to knock that chill off the flooring and raise the temperature in the room to a more comfortable level. Whether that’s under bathroom floors or in a kitchen, basement or room above the garage, radiant floor heat delivers comfort like none other. It also exudes luxury, making a floor heating system an in-demand feature in any home.

When it comes to resale, the term “heated floors” carries its own secret meaning: Luxury. Generally, if you spot “heated floors” in a home’s description, you can presume you’re looking at a luxury home. Therefore, if you’re selling a home with heated floors, be sure to call them out — you may get a few more showings because of it. Your “luxury home” might even land a higher offer because of them.

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Mary-Jean (MJ) Jacobson loves to talk real estate! She is passionate about helping clients increase the value of the assets. She is a Professional Property Manager, Strata Manager, Real Estate Sales Agent and Licensed Managing Broker. She writes a series of articles blogs and whitepapers about the real estate and property management industry at ASK MJ

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Mary-Jean Jacobson

Mary-Jean Jacobson

MJ is the Managing Broker & Owner of Pace Realty Corporation.

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